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Notrax® Slabmat Carré Safety Ramps Attachable bevelled safety ramps for Notrax® Slabmat Carré heavy duty rubber flooring.

Notrax® Slabmat Carré Safety Ramps

Description Slabmat Carré Safety Ramps - 041

Attachable bevelled ramp system for Notrax® Slabmat Carré. The ramp system add the perfect finish to customized mat installations to avoid tripping.

  • Male and female attachable bevels.
  • Inside and outside corners.
  • Nitrile rubber for grease and oil resistance.
Colours and textures
  • Black
Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 041
Material Nitrile rubber 100%
Thickness 13.00 mm
Weight per m² 0.70 kg
Dimensions 91 cm x 10 cm Female, 91 cm x 10 cm Male
Usage Heavy duty
Application Use on custom cut borders to produce a safe and clean bevelled edge
Environment Dry Areas