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Check ‘n’ Roll™ 3 mm Durable industrial rubber flooring with checker plate pattern for non-directional anti-slip.

Check ‘n’ Roll™ 3 mm
Rubber runners can be used as flooring for runners or as extra traction and protection, or work table liners on tool boxes, work benches, countertops, cabinets and shelves to protect scratching and marring of tools, tool boxes, flooring or surfaces the liner is applied on. Durable rubber materials with excellent wear and tear resistance. Used as flooring, shelf liners and in all kinds of industrial applications in workshops, near machines and any place where objects may tend to slide on workbenches, carts, cars or lorry booths. Withstands diluted acids and alkalis.
Colours and textures
  • Black
  • Grey
Brand Notrax®
Product Number 746
Material NR-SBR Rubber
Thickness 3 mm
Weight per m² 5.20
Dimensions 140cm x 10m, 140cm x custom length in cm
Usage Light duty
Environment For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual work stations.
Special characteristics Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting