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BrilliantStep™ Washable Custom Printed Logo Mats Create your own custom printed logo mat. Machine washable.

BrilliantStep™ Washable Custom Printed Logo Mats

Description Logo Washable™ - 190

These high quality multi-functional dust control logo mats not only cleans and dries shoes, to prevent dirt and moisture getting tracked in to facilities, it also provides an excellent opportunity to promote a brand or company name because most people primarily look to the floor. BrilliantStep™ offers a state-of-the-art technology that even allows 3-dimensional effects, fine lines and colour shading, for each mat to have its truly individual image.

  • Backing is oil/grease resistant.
  • Mat is washable up to 50 degrees Celcius.
  • Cleated pattern minimizes movement on all surfaces and keeps mat elevated on hard floors to allow drying underneath.
  • Superior colours fastness is ensured, in accordance with DIN54006.
  • 16 standard PMS colours are offered, whereby any other colour can be matched.


Prefer to see your logo design, before placing your order?  Download our Logo Mat Request Form

Our graphic designer will create your free design using your logo, photo, drawing or sketch in 24 hours. Your mat will be printed and dispatched within 24 hours after approval of the artwork. 


No Minimum Quantities | Machine Washable


How To Order Logo Mats:

1. Select Your Mat

  • Select logo mat size
  • Select quantity*

*We offer a quantity discount for the same design. The more logo mats you order with the same design, the better the price!

2. Customize Your Mat:

  1. Select mat orientation and background color
  2. Attach logo, image, drawing or sketch
  3. Select image location, orientation and color
  4. Add optional text. Select text location, orientation and color

3. Review Your Free Artwork:

Our graphic designer will create and send your artwork for approval in 24-hours at no cost.

4. Print Your Mat:

Once approved, your mat will be printed and dispatched within 24-hours.

Colours and textures
Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 190
Material 100% polyamide 6.6 yarns
Thickness 8.50 mm
Weight per m² 2.80 kg
Dimensions 115cm x 180cm, 60cm x 85cm, 85cm x 115cm, 85cm x 150cm
Usage Medium traffic
Application For loose lay placement.
Environment Indoor/Portico
Fire Rating EN 13501-1 Bfl-S1, Pass