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Cable Protection

Cable protection systems specially designed for single and multiple cables or hoses. Manufactured for all-weather purpose. Choices from various load capacities to meet your application requirements.

Cable protectors has a large selection of quality cable protection systems, specially designed for single and multiple cables or hoses. The cable protection systems are manufactured from all-weather resistant polyurethane.
Protection of people and equipment

The cable protectors provide a safe and easy crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while still maintaining a high load-bearing capacity for heavy equipment and protecting valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage.

These safety products comply with industry safety requirements and they ensure a safe working environment in areas where high volumes of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is present. The products are engineered in collaboration with utility safety managers,  to work with a wide range of equipment and vehicles.

All Checkers®  products are built from high quality lightweight materials that allow for easy setup, disassembly, transport, and storage. These durable protectors are ideal for use in public, commercial, construction, and industrial applications.

The benefits of cable protection systems

  • Polyurethane construction is more durable in extreme weather conditions
  • Only manufacturer in the world offering customized solutions, including logos molded into the product
  • Modular interlocking design that makes setting up, dismantling and storing the product simple and straightforward
  • Solid construction for pedestrian traffic and over-the-road vehicles range of cable protectors

  • 1-Channel Cable Protection
  • 2-Channel Cable Protection
  • 3-Channel Cable Protection
  • 5-Channel Cable Protection

Special features of cable protection systems

  • Modular interlocking design for easy set-up.
  • Guard Dog Low Profile ADA with Built-In ADA/DDA Accessibility Ramps.
  • Guard Dog Dog-Bone Connectors to extend to any desired length.
  • Guard Dog patented 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction.
  • Guard Dog reinforced hinged lid for easy cable placement.
  • Fastlane for lightweight vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Fastlane universal safety colours.

How to choose the right cable protection system

 How to choose the right cable protection system