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Rubber Mats & Runners

Rubber mats & runners for professional use. Choose from outdoor entrance matting solutions to indoor rubber runners. Suitable for general application use and specialized mats designed for an oil resistant solition.

Rubber Mats & Runners

Rubber Entrance Mat

Rubber entrance mats

Rubber entrance mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor entrance mats for general purpose applications, industrial areas or even commercial buildings.

Outdoor entrance mats are the first line of defence against dirt.  Twelve times as much dirt is tracked into a building during wet weather conditions. 

The main function of an outdoor rubber entrance mat is to remove the majority of dirt, debris, mud and grime from shoes before entering the building. 

Outdoor mats are often constructed in an open, grid or grate design.  Large holes or an open structure allow water and debris to drain through keeping the walking areas clean and clear.  Raised studs allow drainage of water in all directions.

Anti-slip profiled surfaces provide grip even in wet and snowing weather conditions to prevent slipping and sliding.  The weight of rubber entrance mats keep them in place to prevent moving or shifting.

Outdoor entrance mats are not absorbant and should be used in combination with an interior entrance mat to dry shoes properly to prevent slips indoors on interior flooring.

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Rubber workstation matsRubber Workstation Mats

In many industries, employees are required to work while standing, walking and/or carrying loads.  This standing for long periods can lead to fatigue, lower back pain, pronation (excessive flattening of the foot) or even plantar fasciitis and other serious foot conditions.  Standing causes muscles to constrict, which reduces the blood flow. This makes muscles and joints hurt, and it causes blood to stagnate.   Over time, long term standing and bad posture can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) and chronic fatigue that can dramatically reduce a person's stamina and activity level.  This reduces a person's work capacity significantly and can even lead to long-term illness (symptoms lasting more than 6 months).

Anti-fatigue matting that is ergonomically designed to stimulate blood flow to combat fatigue yet specifically tailored to withstand hazardous elements in your environment, such as water, soap, oil, grease, static, electricity, and whether it is incidental or constant exposure.

Anti-fatigue mats are engineered to make the body naturally and imperceptibly sway, which encourages subtle movement by calf and leg muscles. This promotes blood flow and keeps it from stagnating in the veins, which causes workers to feel fatigued.”  Anti-fatigue mats are made with a resilient underlay that offers a cushuioning effect.  The cushioning effect of anti-fatigue matting allows continuous micro-movements of the feet, which minimizes blood pooling in the legs.  

Installing anti-fatigue and safety matting is an investment in people. There is also good reason to believe that reduction of fatigue also reduces the occurence of accidents and improves general work efficiency. This may also go hand-in-hand with the desire to reduce slips and falls. There are fewer days lost to injuries, fewer medical claims, and compliance with new health and safety requirements.  Tiredness and discomfort are reduced by 50% in comparison to hard floors. Productivity is maintained throughout the working day.

Rubber workstation mats are made in a range of specialized rubber compounds such as oil-resistant nitrile rubber, static dissipiative rubber for ESD protection and fire retardant rubber for welding areas.

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Modular rubber matsModular rubber mats

Working environments and conditions vary for different companies and different industries. Planning an effective plant layout can increase efficiency and reduce cost. Notrax® has created several modular, linear and standalone anti-fatigue matting series that are completely customizable and can be adapted to any plant layout.  Thereby also reducing fatigue, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that lead to long term absence.

Many factory or assembly plant layouts have been traditionally designed for high worker and machine utilization. As technology, product developments and the market are changing so rapidly, layouts are being redesigned for quality and flexibility, the ability to quickly shift to different product models or to different production rates.

Many facilities have moved towards cellular manufacturing layouts within larger process layouts, automated materials-handling equipment, especially automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicle systems, automatic transfer devices, turntables and other product to person solutions.

U-shaped production lines allow workers to see the entire line and easily travel between workstations. This shape allows the rotation of workers among the workstations along the lines to relieve boredom and relieve work imbalances between workstations.

Additionally, teamwork and improved morale tend to result because workers are grouped in smaller areas and communication and social contact are thereby encouraged by more open work areas with fewer walls, partitions, or other obstacles to clear views of adjacent workstations.
In many of these layouts, the worker’s scope of work is limited to direct surroundings, along an assembly line or along a U-shape. Workstation ergonomics have therefore become even more important as work has become more specialized and repetitive.

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Rubber runners and rubber flooringRubber runners and rubber flooring

Rubber liners can be used as non-slip runners in storage facilities, garages, workshops, stations, walkways, lorries and truck beds, sports facilities such as skating rinks, etc. 

Also perfect floor covering for industrial and general purpose applications such as buildings, walking areas, stations, airports, supermarkets, lifts, buses, ships, etc. 

Easily cut to size with a scissors, the rubber liners can be used for tool boxes, shelving and workbenches and many more usual and unusual uses.

The runners in the range all withstand dilutes acids and alkalis whilst there are also special oil resistant runners.

Rubber runners are available on rolls of 10 meters long to be installed on factory flooring.   

The rubber runners are profiled with grooves or ribs for extra grip.  Non-directional runners have patterns such as deck plate, raised dots or checkers for grip and easy cleaning.


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Interactive rubber mat selector

Looking to buy a rubber mat but not sure which mat is the right mat? We are here to help you choose the right mat for your environment that meets your needs. has therefore developed the Mat Selector, an interactive mat selection tool, to simplify choosing the right mat.

The icons are based on the properties, functions and characteristics of the mats to help you choose the best one for your specific needs.

Click on any icon that you believe fits your needs to narrow your search for the right mat.


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