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Mat Accessories

Mat Accessories

Mat accessories include mat connectors for larger mat installations, bevelled safety ramps that finish off the mat, or a range of ESD matting accessories for a complete ESD work station.

Bevelled Safety Ramps for Industrial Mats

Notrax® attachable bevelled ramp system made from nitrile rubber is oil resistant and add the perfect finish to customized mat installations to avoid tripping. The safety ramps can be installed on site or included in a custom mat configuration.  Available in 4 colours and comply with the OSHA recommendations for colour usage in safety signage. 

Mat Connectors

Connectors are compatible with the corresponding matting, to make it easy to cover larger areas by connecting multiple rolls or mats in width-wise, lengthwise or making 90-degree corners.

ESD Mat Accessories

The range of ESD matting accessories are compatible with all ESD mats to create a complete ESD work station and prevent static build up by discharging it safely through to a grounded point.