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Mats for Food Processsing & Food Service

Mats for Food Processsing & Food Service has a large selection of Kitchen Mats specially designed to protect workers from occupational hazards such as slips and falls.  The investment in kitchen matting is often financially recouped many times over in savings from reduced (long-term) absenteeism, work-related accidents, lost production time and liability claims, not to mention the social benefit of healthier and happier workers.  

The problem: 20% of work related accidents in kitchens or food production areas are caused by slips and falls.

The cause: slipping on wet or oily kitchen floors

The solution: anti-slip kitchen matting that is specifically tailored to your kitchen's unique hazards, such as water, soap, oil, grease, and whether it is incidental or constant exposure.

The benefits of anti-slip kitchen matting:  with the proper anti-slip kitchen matting in place the risk of slips and falls is virtually eliminated.

The range of kitchen and food processing mats include:

  • Disinfecting Entrance Mats
  • Anti-slip Mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats

Special features:

  • Nitrile Rubber Mats for oil or grease resistance
  • Anti-ftigue mats for the Food Production and Food Service Industry