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Indoor Customizable Logo Mats

Indoor customizable logo mats

Custom printed mats are custom designed and printed with your design, image or logo. The perfect way to promote your company, brand, new products or personalize your entrance. Just send your image, sketch or logo and our designer will create your artwork free of charge.  Once approved, your custom mat will be printed within 24-hours. There are 100 standard colours available to choose from. You can also choose to match colour based upon your company style to make any unique design you may have in mind, whilst also having a match with the rest of the interior. The printing is colour-fast and does not fade.

The indoor customizable logo mat range

In this range, you will see there are 3 logo mat options to choose from. Below, you will find an explanation of the mats to help you find the right type for your application.

Logo Standard™

The Logo Standard™ is the recommended choice for a light foot traffic solution. This logo mat is available in 5 standard sizes, with the dimenions consistant with the size of most doorways. The standard sizes always include a vinyl edging on all four sides to minimize the risk of tripping of the mat. You can also choose to customize the dimensions up to 120 cm in width and 6 meters in length.

Logo Superior™

This logo mat has the sharpest printing result. Great for use to promote a new product or brand at a trade fair or within you shop, the Logo Superior™ is available in 4 standard sizes. This mat can also be customized up to a width of 200 cm and a length of 600 cm.

Logo Imperial™

The latest addition to the logo mat range. The Logo Imperial™ is highly recommended for the medium to heavy duty entrances. The ability to absorb moisture and to scrape dirt from the shoe soles whilst maintaining a welcoming apperance makes the Logo Imperial™ the a great solution for the entrance. Together with the dimension possibilties of standard sizes and customization up to 6 meters long, the Logo Imperial™ is the all-rounder mat to choose!

How can I clean these logo mats?

By regularly cleaning mats you will ensure that the life of the mat is prolonged, whilst also maintaining the effectiveness of the dirt scraping and moisture absorbing of the mat. Of course, it will also help to improve the overall apperance (and first impression!) of the entrance.

The logo mats in the indoor customizable section can be cleaned by daily vacuuming. We recommend to vacuum on the top surface and of the floor underneath the mat. If you feel that the mat is losing colour, even after vacuuming, we recommend shampooing the mat using a syntheic detergent and tepid water.