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Indoor Washable Logo Mats

Washable Logo Mats

Logo floor mats are custom designed and printed with your design, image or logo. The vibrant logo mats supplied by are perfect way to promote your company, brand or new products.

With 100 standard printable colours to match with your logo, and even the option to match colours with your current business style, designing an appealing custom printed display is easy.

Washable mats: Defining the term “Washable”

On the Buymats website, you will notice that some of our carpet mats are defined as “washable”. You may ask yourself what is exactly meant by that. From our perspective, it means that the carpeted logo mats can be placed in the washing machine, up to 50º Celcius, for cleaning. The reason it will not become damaged in the washing machine is because of the nitrile rubber backing. These washable mats are available in standard sizes only. If you need a custom solution, such a longer length, we recommend looking at our customizable logo mats. These can be easily cleaning by daily vacuuming!

Size selection: Promotional mats

In the washable logo mat range, Buymats supplies only standard sizes that are conform to the standard door widths and length. On all the machine washable mats, there is a black bevelled edge on all four sides to reduce the risk of tripping on the mat. It also provides a neat finished look.

Company and brand promotions – Placing your logo mat

In short, the washable printed mats can be use in a vast range of applications. From promoting your latest product launch or for brand recognition, these high-detailed mats can be used as event mats and exhibition mats.Another popular application: driving potential customers to your tradeshow stand!

As mentioned, the promotional mats have a standard black edging on all four sides. Therefore, Buymats does not advise this logo mat to be placed in mat wells.

How to order your washable promotional mats

To summarize, just send your image, sketch or logo to and our designer will create your artwork free of charge.  Once approved, your custom mat will be printed within 24-hours.

Notrax® washable logo mats

The high definition logo mats with the Notrax® brand are manufactured using the highest grade materials. For the printing process, each carpet fiber is printed with its individual colour to provide the best printing result. By choosing Notrax® branded mats, you can be sure of the highest quality and workmanship.