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Shower Mats

Shower Mats - Anti-slip Hygienic Mats

Shower mats are ideal for placement in public showers and wet areas in dressing rooms, swimming pools, gyms and saunas. The anti-slip matting is specially formulated to resist growth of microbial bacteria and is soft to the touch, so perfect for bare feet. Reduce the risk of slips and falls due to slippery wet floors.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The shower mats range from medium to light duty for commercial use or public facilities.

Range of Materials:
The shower mats are made from 100% PVC or a 50% Polyethylene, 50% EVA Escorene mix.

Range of Patterns:
The shower mats are available in a wave pattern or a gritted-diamond pattern.

Range of Thickness:
The shower mats range from 9 mm to 14.3 mm thick.

Range of Sizes:
The shower mats are available in tiles that be connected to form any shape or size, with bevelled edges to prevent tripping, or in full roles that can be connected width-wise.