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Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor Entrance Mats

A large selection outdoor entrance mats. Scraper mats stop dirt, grit and grime at the entrance.

The collection of outdoor matting solutions are the first step in the defence again dirt, mud and grime.  Excellent scraping of dirt and drainage of water are the most important characteristics.  Best in combination with an indoor absorbent mat to dry shoes and prevent slipping. 

Range of Usage Intensity:
The range includes a wide selection of high end commercial matting for high traffic areas such as public institutions, schools, universities, airports, and supermarkets to medium and light traffic areas such as shops, offices, libraries, bakeries, etc. 

Range of Materials:
The outdoor scraper mats are made from durable rubber for heavy traffic areas.  

Range of Thickness:
The mats range from 7 mm thick to 23 mm thick for heavy traffic areas.

Range of Sizes:
Outdoor mats are available in standard sizes.  Certain mats are also available in custom sizes or with connectors for coverage of larger areas. Bevels are also available to prevent tripping.