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Entrance Matting Systems – Indoor Installations

Entrance Matting Systems for Indoor Installations

Contract indoor entrance matting solutions are specifically for use in commercial entrances and public institutions with large entrances that have the heaviest foot traffic conditions.  Contract matting comes in widths of 100, 130 or 200 cm wide and is availablle per linear metre and full rolls up to 20 m long for installation in mat wells, recessed frames, large entrances and wall to wall applications.  The designs are often in non-directional patterns for easy installation with low waste. 

The benefit of proper entrance matting is to prevent dirt and grime from being tracked indoors and improves indoor air quality.  Entrancec matting also reduces cleaning expenses and keeps entrances clean and presentable in-between cleaning rounds.  The matting varies in scraping, cleaning and absorbing functions as well as in quality and durability.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The range includes a wide selection of high end commercial matting for high traffic areas such as public institutions, schools, universities, hotels, airports, and supermarkets, etc.

Range of Materials:
The materials for indoor carpet mats ranges from polyamide, polypropylene and Decalon yarns moulded onto a rubber or vinyl backing.

Range of Thickness:
The mats range from 7 mm thick to 13 mm thick for heavy traffic areas.
Range of Sizes:
Contract carpeting is available in standard sizes, rolls, per linear meter or carpet tiles for wall to wall applications in non-directional patterns for easy installation and low waste.