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Industrial Specialties

Industrial Mats Specialties

Shock Protective Flooring

Indestructible rubber mat that absorbs shock of fallen materials and protects floors and and equipment from damage from heavy machinery, fallen objects, sharp blades.  For heavy duty industrial use for storage of machinery and parts such as mould tools, engine blocks.  Also suitable for weight rooms, skating rinks, golf courses, trailers, stables.

Range of Usage Intensity:
For heavy duty industrial use. 

Range of Materials:
Heavy duty rubber flooring made from a tough rubber compound that is virtually indestructible.

Range of Thickness:
The Slabmat is 13 mm thick slab of rubber.

Range of Sizes:
Available in standard sizes and a modular interlocking rubber tile with seamless connections.

Knee Protection

Knee protection kneeling pads are small, lightweight and come with a built in handle that is easy to carry around to use inside, outside, in the garage or garden or anywhere where you need to kneel for long periods. The top is designed for comfort, whereas the bottom is designed for durability for use on gravel, asphalt, concrete, dirty/oily surfaces, tile or wood flooring, metal grating or grass.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The range of kneeling pads or knee protection mats are light, medium and heavy duty for use in dry areas. The HD version is for use in the toughest environments.

Range of Materials:
The kneeling pads are made from PVC foam blend. Also available in polyurethane version.

Range of Thickness:
The kneeling pads range from 13 mm thick to 25 mm thick for ultimate comfort (heavy duty).

Range of Sizes:
Available in standard sizes only.

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tape can be applied indoor and outdoors to prevent slipping and sliding.


This special line of anti-slip tape is produced with silicon carbide embedded grit that will continue to chip for a longer life. So you don't have to worry about constantly replacing worn tape.

Range of Sizes:

The anti-slip tape is available in sets of single sheets or on rolls ranging from 14 mm to 50 mm wide self-adhesive strips or pads.


The easy peel and stick anti-slip tape can be easily applied to clean smooth surfaces even ramps and inclines to improve safety around your building.