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Electrical Safety Mats

Electrical Non-Conductive - Safety Mats

Electrical insulation safety mats or often known as switchboard matting can save lives. This tough PVC matting completely insulates workers from being grounded and keeps them safe in the event of an electrical shock. Every square inch of this matting is tested to ensure complete protection and the matting must be replaced every 12 months for optimum safety.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The switchboard electrical insulation mats are tested for a recommended maximum usage of 17,000 volts.

Range of Materials:
The switchboard electrical insulation mats are made from a tough PVC compound.

Range of Grips:
The switchboard matting is designed with a corrugated rub pattern that enhances traction but is easy to sweep clean.

Range of Thickness:
The electrical insulation mat is 6.4 mm thick.

Range of Sizes:
Available in standard sizes, full rolls, per linear meter.