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ESD Mats & ESD Accessories

ESD Anti Static - Safety Mats

As electronic equipment becomes smaller and faster, the hardware is also more susceptible to static shocks. Electro Static Discharge - ESD mats are protective safety matting specially designed to drain static electricity build up on workers that protects them from unpleasant static shocks but also protects sensitive electronic equipment.

The simple act of walking or even sitting can generate several thousand volts of electricity on the human body. If not properly controlled, this static charge can easily discharge. If the discharge was felt, it was probably more than 2000 volts. Most people do not feel an ESD shock unless they are charged to over 4000 V. If you heard it, then it could have been between 3000 - 5000 volts. If you actually saw a small blue spark, it was more than likely in excess of 10,000 volts.

Prevent static build up and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) with the use of ESD mats and ESD accessories.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The range of ESD mats includes a wide selection of heavy duty matting for tough industrial environments such as assembly lines, work stations and CNC machines to medium and light duty mats for commercial areas, computer rooms, copy machine areas, etc.

Range of Materials:
ESD mats are made from 100% nitrile rubber, laminated top surface or vinyl sponge.

The ESD matting is available in two versions: static dissipative and conductive matting with measured resistance ranging from Rg 106 – 109 and Rp 106 - 109. Matting is available with optional connector cords, grounding plugs, specialized ESD cleaning supplies and other accessories.

Range of Thickness:
The mats range from 9.4 mm thick (lightweight for easy cleaning) to 19 mm thick for ultimate comfort (heavy duty).

Range of Sizes:
Available in standard sizes, full rolls, per linear meter or custom designed matting using modular tiles that can form any shape or size.