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Anti-Fatigue Mats for Dry Areas

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Dry Work Areas- Industrial Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats and Safety Mats

These mats are specially made for dry industrial or commercial work environments where workers stand for long periods such as manufacturing plants, factories, assembly lines, packaging and logistics companies, but also architectural bureaus, designers, supermarkets, warehouses, pharmacies and offices.

Range of Usage Intensity:

The range includes a wide selection of heavy duty matting for tough industrial environments to medium and light duty mats for commercial and tertiary industry applications.

Range of Materials:

Industrial mats are made from tough rubber, PVC, vinyl, extruded plastic or Polyurethane compounds that withstand exposure to the harshest work environments and are produced free of DOP, DMF, silicone and heavy metals and without ozone depleting substances.  The surfaces can withstand incidental exposure to industrial fluids and chemicals, and specific top surfaces even resist incidental welding damage from sparks or solders.

Range of Patterns:

Choose from an ergonomic bubble pattern for extra comfort, diamond plate pattern for easy pivoting and twist turns, pebbled or cross ribbed pattern for easy cleaning, lengthwise ribbed pattern for extra grip, or even smooth marble tone or wood tone patterns that blend with your décor. 

Range of Thickness:

The mats range from 9.4 mm thick (for light duty) to 25.4 mm thick for ultimate comfort (heavy duty).

Range of Sizes:

Choose from custom widths up to 152 cm wide, full rolls, or custom designed work spaces using modular tiles that can form any shape or size.